Jacobson Dental Technology

Jacobson Dental Technology

A CEREC machine is an advanced dental technology that creates custom dental restorations in a single visit. It uses 3D scans of your teeth to design and mill high-quality restorations from ceramic. This eliminates the need for multiple appointments and temporary restorations. With precise results and same-day treatment, CEREC machines provide convenient and aesthetically pleasing solutions for dental needs.


An OPG (Orthopantomagram) is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw. … An OPG also demonstrates the number, position and growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet surfaced or erupted through the gum. It is different from the small close up x-rays dentists take of individual teeth.


Gemini Laser

Lasers have been used in dentistry for approximately two decades and are suitable for multiple procedures, including soft tissue treatment. Lasers for soft tissue treatments are available at varying powers and wavelengths and can be used for procedures that would otherwise be performed using electrosurgery or a scalpel. Laser dentistry generates very little or zero heat and is a far gentler form of surgery. Dental lasers enable soft tissue to be effectively, precisely, and safely removed with minimal to no bleeding and minimal recovery time.

Laser Technology reduces discomfort and shortens the recovery period after treatment to help a “gummy smile.”

THE ADVANTAGES OF LASER SOFT TISSUE TREATMENT IN DENTISTRY include: gum lift, and periodontal treatments, ablating and removing aphthous ulcers, gingival contouring, crown lengthening, troughing, soft tissue incisions, and removing soft tissue lesions.


Invented by our dentist Dr Sigal Jacobson. A unique, innovative Uveneer direct composite template system creates beautiful direct composite veneers with natural shape, shine and symmetry. It mimics natural dentition and is designed to create high-quality, natural-looking anterior restorations in one visit in a fraction of the time of what it would take if done freehand. Results are both reproducible and predictable. Patient can see the result before committing to the treatment. Allows for predictable, long lasting, high-quality, composite restorations.

3 shape Trios Scanner

3 shape Trios Scanner

Intraoral scanners (IOS) are devices used to record the teeth and soft tissues digitally, o replace conventional dental impressions. They promise increased efficiency and precision, easy to use, more comfortable then convectional impressions, among many other benefits.

Aquacare sandblaster

Air abrasion technology works like a mini-sandblaster to remove decay and stains and can be used to prepare teeth for bonding, remove old fillings, and to clean teeth. In some cases, it is used in lieu of drilling.

Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment

Ozone tap is a revolutionary technology that converts oxygen to ozone gas and mixes it with water to create ozone water straight from the tap. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, and germs. We use it in Jacobson dental to rinse mouth before treatment and rinse extraction sockets in order to improve healing and minimize post-operative infections.


We take Professional before and after photos to share with our patients. In some cases these photos are used to communicate with the lab technicians to ensure a natural colour and shape match.

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