Holistic Dentistry

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Holistic Dentist in Melbourne

Just like foods affect your health, so can the materials in dental products such as fillings. Rest assured that at Jacobson Dental Group, we are committed to using products that are non-toxic for your guaranteed safety and well-being.

Our fillings are BPA & BIS-GMA free because they are fabricated with materials that do not incorporate classic resin monomers (which contain BPA) and eliminates the risks of allergies and health implications associated with conventional fillings. Utilising safe materials allows the tooth to mimic a natural structure and for biomimetic dentistry to restore its natural strength by sealing weak, fractured and decayed teeth from bacteria. Careful sealing against bacterial invasion removes the need for aggressively cutting down teeth for crowns and drastically reduces the need for root canals.

These technologies allow us to use small overlays that work like your own teeth rather than large caps or crowns. Old techniques can cause your teeth to eventually become sensitive, crack and leak, allowing bacteria to rot your teeth away from the inside. Holistic dentistry locks out the bacteria, for safer, more durable dental work.

If you would like to learn more about our holistic dentistry practices and how it can benefit you, contact our friendly staff at Jacobson Dental Group on (03) 85253875.

Biological and holistic dentistry

The holistic dental treatment of teeth with the latest and safest materials that allow it to behave like- or mimic- a natural tooth. Our Melbourne holistic dentistry treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that restores their strength and at the same time seals them from bacterial invasion. Careful sealing against bacterial invasion with bonding removes the need for aggressively cutting down teeth for crowns and drastically reduces the need for root canals.

Aquacare sandblast

This machine is used to gently remove and rough tooth surface without the need of a drill and at the same time increase bonding strength for more long lasting and bacterial free surface

Ozone in dentistry

Oxygen is absolutely essential to every cell in our body.

The application of ozone therapy after any surgical procedure loke teeth extraction sockets or implant placement has shown to reduce the incidence of:

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