Can Teeth Whitening Cause Permanent Sensitivity?

Teeth Whitening is an extremely popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that leaves patients beaming with brighter smiles and increased confidence. As it involves the use of bleaching products, many people will experience some sensitivity throughout the treatment process. This doesn’t, however, mean it will be permanent. If you’re considering teeth whitening, here are all the big questions about tooth whitening sensitivity answered.

First of all, what is Teeth Whitening? 

Teeth Whitening refers to various cosmetic dentistry treatments that lighten the natural colour of your teeth. It is very effective for removing or reducing the appearance of staining caused by diet, medication or habits like smoking, dental discoloration or yellow teeth. 

In-Chair Teeth Whitening is performed by a dentist at a dental practice with instant results. It is recommended that you receive in-chair teeth whitening after a check-up and clean. 

This is a safe, professional and affordable option that involves using a whitening kit to gradually whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. During the process, you wear a tray pre-filled with whitening gel over your teeth for a period of time, or while sleeping.

What Is Teeth Whitening Sensitivity?

Teeth whitening sensitivity refers to feelings of discomfort or pain in the teeth as a side effect of teeth whitening. Feeling some sensitivity during any teeth whitening treatment is normal and generally subsides within days.

What Causes Sensitivity?

Most teeth whitening gels used in professional teeth whitening treatments contain bleaching agents such as Hydrogen Peroxide as an active ingredient. Of course, the quantities and the quality of the ingredients are approved by dental professionals and safe for use.

These ingredients are effective for whitening as they get deep into the enamel to remove layers of staining. Although it is safe, these products may result in temporary tooth sensitivity as a natural effect. 

How Long Does The Sensitivity Last?

Tooth Whitening sensitivity normally lasts 24-48 hours after receiving the treatment. For most patients, the sensitivity subsides completely within two days. 

If you are experiencing extreme sensitivity, pain or discomfort during the period, or if it persists after this period – contact the dentist ASAP. 

So, Is It Permanent?

Tooth sensitivity as a result of getting your teeth whitened is temporary and will go away over a short period of time. Teeth Whitening treatments performed by dentists generally do not cause any permanent damage or sensitivity.

What Can You Do To Prevent Sensitivity?

For starters, make sure you visit reliable teeth whitening clinic so that you receive your treatment from an experienced dentist. If you have naturally hypersensitive teeth, the dentist will be able to recommend an appropriate option for you.

If you really want to brighten your smile but are concerned about the teeth whitening treatment cost in East Bentleigh, don’t resort to using potentially unsafe, cheap online products. A take-home whitening kit from the dentist is a safer, more affordable alternative to in-chair whitening. 

If you have sensitive teeth, the dentist will take appropriate measures to ensure your comfort and limit risks of increased sensitivity. Following your treatment, you will receive after-care advice to follow to prevent further sensitivity. 

This includes simple actions such as avoiding extreme temperatures in the food or drinks you consume for the day and using sensitive toothpaste.

Need A Teeth Whitening Dentist in East Bentleigh?

If you are self-conscious or uncomfortable with your smile because of dark staining, discolouration or yellow teeth, Jacobsen Dental’s East Bentleigh dental practice can provide you with high-quality Teeth Whitening treatment options. This includes Zoom In-Chair Whitening performed by as well as Take-Home Whitening solutions. 

To learn more about teeth whitening or any other Cosmetic Dentistry treatment, make an appointment online for a consultation with our experienced dentists today. For any other queries, give us a call on (03) 8525 3875 – our friendly team is always happy to help.