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jacob dentalDr. Sigal Jacobson, the founder of Jacobson Dental, takes pride in striving for excellence. With a personal touch, she ensures that patients feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Dr. Jacobson’s expertise extends beyond her clinic, as she is a dedicated researcher, inventor, and Key Opinion Leader for leading dental companies. Her international lectures and published work focus on composite veneers and a minimally invasive biomimetic approach. Utilizing these techniques, Dr. Jacobson achieves predictably beautiful results for both simple and complex aesthetic cases. In addition to cosmetic treatments, our caring and committed team of experienced dentists also provide teeth whitening, dental implants, bridges, and crowns, Invisalign, general and holistic dentistry. Our high level of commitment to professional, pain-free dental care has earned us a renowned reputation locally and internationally.

She practices with the most advanced technology in her state-of-the-art clinic and strongly believes in tailoring and personalising smiles to the individual.

Dr Jacobson believes in creating the most natural smile possible, and therefore she uses materials that are very similar in properties to the natural tooth, creating beautiful and natural smiles.

From an interview with Dr Sigal: “In the first cosmetic consultation appointment, I will have a conversation with the patient in which we discuss their concerns. I also try to determine their level of expectations. Some patients are looking for the natural look and others are after the Hollywood smile. While I speak to the patient, in my head I visualize the outline of the new smile and the shade that fit the patient’s features and appearance. I try to advise my patients with all their options and guide them with the more conservative treatments that will satisfy their expectations.


As a result of the great advances in composite resins and bonding technology, we have more affordable and conservative options. The porcelain veneers option is a great option but there are other options that we can offer that are more affordable, conservative and look and appear amazing without cutting healthy tooth structure”.

Whether correcting one or multiple teeth, with porcelain or composite veneers,  Dr Jacobson will fit you with in -chair temporary ideal smile correction simulation using a composite resin material. This unique step allows you to test drive your new and improved smile without committing to it. The purpose of the mock-up is to present the desired outcome before moving on to the final treatment plan.

She is passionate about Biomimetic dentistry and uses bioactive material and techniques that protect the tooth, reduce the need for unnecessary root canal treatments, and maximise teeth durability.

In her state-of-the-art clinic facility, she uses the latest cutting edge technologies, including a dental scanner, panoramic x-ray, 3D printers, and lasers.  She believes that an ethical dentist needs to expand their knowledge, work with their heart, and use the best technologies that exist to help with diagnosis and to preserve a healthy smile. 

The Uveneer is a unique template system for creating direct composite veneers and mock-ups and creates beautiful, predictable and polished anterior restorations. The kit is used by thousands of dental offices worldwide and is distributed exclusively through Ultradent. In 2020 she invented the Paladex, a kit for aiding creating the palatal side of the anterior restorations.

With more than 24 years of experience in aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Jacobson is a fellow of the American Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics, member of the Australian AADFA, American association of women dentists, member of the Dental Speaker Bureau (USA) and is a Key Opinion Leader for major dental companies (GC America, Ultradent).

Dr. Jacobson Invention: Uveneer®

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